Our history

The beginning of our business trace back to the end of SXIX century with the purchasing of shelled hazelnuts and the sale of the same unshelled. Over the years and with the modernization of the processes, the company Paulino Solanellas was created,  providing almond and hazelnut crops.

The family owned company focuses toward the continuous improvement, with the knowledge of the nuts area, the best storage conditions and the selection of the appropriated varieties for every process. Our purpose is to offer the best product to our customers.

Our company today

The progress of the last years and the creation of a new processed nuts plant, allowed for a vertical integration from the field to the ingredient ready to be applied or consumed.  Ingredients with nuts, chocolate coated products with several centers (nuts, cereals, corn, etc). At this moment  we were renamed Solanellas Nuts.

International vision

At Solanellas Nuts we bet for the export of our products, really appreciated in the international market for its high quality standards and an excellent service.